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Smokerin™ Smoker Set

Anyone who has been to an authentic Midwestern steakhouse knows that there's a very unique taste to the meat that can't be replicated with typical household grilling gear. In addition to using very carefully concocted marinades and dry rubs, the secret to the succulent, earthy tones these cuts expend is a grill smoker.

Of course, purchasing an enormous smoker like the ones they use in large steakhouses is far from practical for most barbecuers or small business owners. With the Smokerin™ Smoker Set from Montana Grilling Gear, however, you can employ those great flavors in every meal without purchasing a new grill or oven.

Flavor that's bigger than the Rockies from a smoker that fits on most grills

The Smokerin™ BBQ smoker is conveniently sized and can fit between the burner deflector bars of most gas grills or sit right in the flames of charcoal grills. And for such amazing flavor, it's unbelievable how easy it is to use this handy grilling accessory.

First, take some smoking chips of your choice, which you can also purchase directly from Montana Grills, and soak them in water, beer, wine, marinade or other liquid for 5 to 15 minutes. Drain the chips out of the mixture, and put them in the smoker box.

After the lid is secured, use the detachable handle to put the smoker on the grill or on the burner deflector bars. Once you see a heavy flow of smoke, just move the smoker box to the top shelf of your grill.

Smoke your meats for years to come with the durable Smokerin™ Smoker Set

This portable smoker is made from 304 heavy gauge stainless steel so you can trust that grilling season after grilling season, it will still be smokerin' the way it was when you first got it.

Unlike other products like it, our smoker box has been scientifically proven to let the smoke flow through as much as possible without burning through the chips too quickly. With its removable handle mechanism, Smokerin™ Smokers are easy to use, store and refill.

If you would like more information about our Smokerin™ Smoker Box Set or smoking chips, please check out our grill accessories listing or contact us.