Montana Grills

RVR Ventilated Reversible Barbeque Grill Covers
Environmentally Friendly REACH Compliance

RVR Barbeque Grill Cover - Montana Grilling Gear The Innerflow System - Barbeque Grill Model


Ventilation removes damaging condensation by allowing allowing moist air to escape.

RVR Barbeque Grill Cover Material

Heavy-Duty Material

RVR Barbeque Grill - Hanging Loop Environmentally Friendly REACH Compliance

Hanging Loop

Hanging loop allows you to neatly store your cover while grilling.

RVR Barbeque Grill Cover Packaging RVR Barbeque Grill Cover Warranty

Other Features and Benefits

To find out which model of RVR Ventilated Reversible Grill Cover is right for your barbeque, please visit our RVR Barbeque Cover Dimensions page.

For more information on REACH Compliance and how it applies to the RVR Grill Covers, please visit our REACH Compliance page.