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Recipes - Poultry - Roast Chicken


  • chicken
  • Sugar Maple Platter-Sized Plank soaked in your choice of marinade for 1 - 2½ hours


Bring the coals in the barbecue grill to the white-hot stage or if using a gas grill heat to 400° F. Prepare the chicken for grilling by cleaning out the giblets, etc from inside the chicken and wash well under running water. Pat dry. When the coals are hot or your grill has reached 400° F put the grilling planks on the grill. Place the chicken on the plank. Cover the grill and check after 15 minutes.

When chicken is done the skin will be black and the interior temperature 180° F. Cooking time may vary depending on the size of the chicken, how wet the grilling plank was and the heat of the fire. Allow 30 - 45 minutes.