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Grilling is a great way to cook a delicious, low maintenance meal for one or the entire family. With the right grilling gear, you can take nearly any cut of meat and give it a flavor and tenderness that can't be duplicated with an oven. But because these handy appliances are often stored outside, it's easy for them to get dirty or damaged by the elements. That's why it's so important to always use a outdoor grill cover to protect them.

At Montana Grilling Gear, we offer the essential tools that our customers need to make the most of their meat and keep their barbecue in mint condition. Because we take quality and customer service seriously, we've selected only the finest grill accessories to offer our clientele and back all of our grill covers with a warranty.

Mitigating the costs of owning a grill with the right equipment

A standard grill costs anywhere from $100 to $500, but that's just the initial purchase price. Add in the cost of propane or charcoal, accessories and cleaning products, and it's easy to see that great barbecuing can get quite pricey.

Some of these expenses can be avoided, however, by simply taking good care of your grill. A strong brush is an essential, but it's equally important to always cover your grill when it's not in use.

Barbecues that are exposed to inclement weather and the elements age significantly quicker than those that have been properly cared for. Uncovered grills can be damaged by rain, snow, ice and UV rays. These elements can cause premature rusting and lead to mold growth, which is both unsightly and unhealthy.

Not only does utilizing a BBQ grill cover prevent a great deal of cleaning and maintenance, it also means that you won't need to go out and purchase a new grill every year.

What separates our outdoor grill covers from the competition

The Innerflow System | Barbeque Grill Covers

All of our gas and charcoal grill covers have specially designed ventilation systems to protect from environmental damage and the collection of moisture. In particular, we offer three BBQ covers that feature Innerflow® system technology.

Because no large grill covers create an airtight seal, it's impossible to completely keep moisture from getting underneath. The problem with most coverings is that they actually trap this moisture in the grill, which creates a perfect habitat for mildew to grow. On the other hand, inadequate ventilation systems can allow too much dampness in. Our Innerflow® covers not only allow for all of the moisture to escape through their scientifically engineered outlets, they prevent rain, snow and ice from entering and damaging the grill.

But that's not all you get when you purchase one of our Innerflow® covers, which are the only grill covers that have been tested and approved by HVAC and Grill Manufacturers. The Innerflow® System is molded from a highly durable PVC material that is attached to our custom-made and universal grill covers. The covers are made with a very durable material that blocks UV radiation and is resistant to flames, mildew and fungus.

Buying a grill cover from Montana Grills

Whether you need to safeguard a small patio grill or an enormous barbecue that has its own designated area in your backyard, you'll be able to find the grill cover you need from Montana Grills.

All of our custom grill covers come with a warranty to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and your grill is receiving the protection you expected.

If you would like more information about our barbeque grill covers or any of our other products, please check out our grill accessories listing or contact us.